Protect your family with Domestic Nuclear Bunkers built to Home Office & FEMA specifications!

(Please see 'target map' of the UK & USA at the bottom of this page)


We operate in the following regions :-

  1. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. Mainland Europe
  3. The traditional 'Southern States' of America                            (the South and South East. This is due to agent representation being present in these areas)

Don't be disappointed if your particular corner of the World isn't serviced by Bunker Shield at this time, we are constantly looking to expand our business and will update on this website when suitable agents are found in other global regions.

We are very particular in who we work with. We won't ever compromise on quality, yet we always strive to deliver within a realistic budget! Our Bunkers are comparable to the cost of an average extension! So, before you decide to purchase that extension ask yourself this question..... "Why would I buy a house extension that will be destroyed or irradiated anyway when a Bunker can save the life of my family?"

About Us

Our construction experts offer a highly specialized service. We provide Domestic Nuclear Shelters for your home, business or public building (such as schools  council buildings, churches, etc).


If you are looking to provide your family with the protection that only a Domestic Nuclear Bunker can afford (as insurance against that unthinkable day), then we can offer the complete package which covers design, build and training for you on what to do in an emergency!

We also guarantee that no office records will be kept on the locations of our customers premises where Bunkers will be located. This is to ensure you are not swamped by unwanted people who may wish to use you for your shelter because they never had enough foresight to build their own!


Areas of Expertise

We specialise in Domestic Nuclear Shelters that are designed to help normal civilians survive a nuclear conflict. We also supply them with education and training.

We also have industry contacts in America. That means we have the opportunity to licence advanced Bunker defence technology and can therefore handle government contracts, military contracts and large corporate contracts if required.

If you represent any such entity and are looking for the highest quality underground complex without having to facilitate enormous budgets (including hefty cost overruns) then tell us your requirements and give us a try! 


We subcontract to highly qualified builders who have years of experience planning, managing, and executing construction projects of all kinds. Our team is professional and reliable, and we will work within your constraints. We always stay on the job until completion and guarantee to leave your garden (yard) as we found it so as to keep your Bunker a secret from your nosey neighbours! Whether you call it a bomb shelter or bunker shelters, or know them as an underground bunker or underground shelters....... we have the bunkers for sale which will satisfy your descriptive designation!


Design Specifications

All our Bunker designs are approved by the Home Office and meet their highly stringent technical guidance recommendations!  Distance from a one megaton air burst beyond which the shelter will remain intact will be closer than 2 miles. This means that if the bomb explodes within 2 miles of your Bunker, you will survive but almost everyone else not in a Bunker will die! People sometimes say to me "Well, I don't live in the 'Blast Zone' anyway!" Well actually, due to the dense concentration of people in Britain, nearly half the population actually will. Even if you don't though, you will still require a Nuclear Bunker as they protect from the lethal fallout radiation which ALL the British Isles will be subjected to!!!


Governments preparing for War!

Around the World there is a disturbing trend among some governments to accelerate their Nuclear shelter building programme's! Here are just a few examples of the preparations certain governments are taking in anticipation of a nuclear conflict -

  • Russian Television (RT) confirmed the construction in Moscow of 5,000 atomic bomb shelters. They will be completed by 2013. The government there believes that they are necessary because the cities current atomic bomb shelters can only accommodate about half the cities population. Designers and builders have come up with a 'no thrills' design that can easily replicated all over the city. Typical locations will include: under tower blocks of flats, malls, sports arenas, public parks, etc. Basically anywhere where people can reach them in a minute or less.


  • Xinhua news outlet (in China) also confirmed that the city of  Shanghai has constructed a massive Bunker beneath the City that will hold about 200,000 citizens. It is interesting to note that China's old shelters were constructed in the 1960's/70's at exactly the same time America began decommissioning its public civil-defense nuclear Bunkers! The US population was told at that time that having these shelters was 'provocative'. Its almost sickening to read this liberal nonsense coming from the US/UK government isn't it? The Chinese government felt differently and began massive construction projects of nuclear Bunkers back then, and are still continuing today. What are they preparing for?


  • Local government officials in Indian controlled Kashmir have published/distributed guidance pamphlets to local residents to prepare for a nuclear war! They are advised to construct sub-surface nuclear Bunkers in their gardens (yards), and also to store enough supplies to last a few weeks! A local newspaper (Greater Kashmir) wrote an article with the following advice... "If you have a basement, modify it so it can serve as a shelter. Prepare it with supplies to last a few weeks". It goes on... "If you do not have a basement, then nuclear Bunkers should be built in your front yards". It also gave advice to stock up on: long lasting food, candles, batteries, torches, wind-up radios and water.  Alarmingly the notice gives this advice if your driving when war breaks out and you have no shelter... "If a nuclear bomb detonates, drivers should stop their cars and dive to the ground in the same direction as the brilliant light so that their own car won't fall on them when it is thrown into the air by the blast pressure wave". It goes on...  “ If the blast pressure wave takes more than 5 seconds to arrive  from you first seeing the brilliant light, then you were far enough away from the detonation point and INR should not exceed 150 R (Rads)". Clearly the Indian government expects war!


  • In the United States of America many people have been speculating about a new nuclear Bunker being built beneath the White House. It is supposed to be connected to an underground rail network via sub-surface tunnels. This was confirmed by the media recently. News Max's  Chief Washington correspondent (Ronald Kessler), confirmed on Fox News that the White House is constructing a gigantic underground facility which is designed to ferry the President away in the event of nuclear war. Why prepare like this if there is no credible threat?


  • The veritable Jesse Ventura, has went public with the truth that the United States government has been building massive underground nuclear facilities for years. They are actually quasi Bunkers/Cities and Military complexes (all rolled in to one) and they are known as DUMB's, or 'Deep Underground Military Bunker'! He confirms that one of the US governments largest facilities has actually been constructed under the International airport in Denver, Colorado. Also, Companies that prepare and produce Freeze Dried Foods (non-perishable food that can stay fresh for up to 35 years) have confirmed that the best customer it has is the United States government. Apparently they have been buying Freeze Dried foods for years and hoarding the food in its massive DUMB facilities! Why? What are they preparing for?


  • America's governmental emergency organization FEMA has stated on its website that every citizen has to prepare for unforeseen emergencies without reliance upon the government. Obviously the vast majority of Americans are oblivious to this, or just don't care. FEMA goes on to state that the organisation should not be relied upon to provide food or water in a national emergency (like disaster, war or famine). I would say if this is the case why does the organization even bloody exist?


  • United States Vice Pres. Joe Biden, has talked about how the previous Vice Pres. built a Bunker. He revealed this at March 2012's Gridiron dinner. Dick Cheney had built a taxpayer financed nuclear subsurface complex underneath the Vice Pres. mansion at the US Naval Observatory (Wash D.C.) in 2002. This does not come as a shock. Also, Underground Explosions have been heard underneath the mansions of one of President Bush Jnr's former Cabinet minister's (a Cabinet minister in America is referred to as a 'secretary of state'). Obviously he had a nuclear bunker built at taxpayers expense, while the taxpayers themselves are left to fend for themselves! Makes you want to vomit in disgust! These politicians wax themselves rich at the peoples expense!


  • The UK government is not immune from nuclear war preparations. An insider has talked about emergency contingencies currently being undertaken. Apparently the UK government is covertly making plans to  have traffic warden's replace police because a disastrous world war is anticipated shortly. This will force police to deal with an unprecedented level of civil unrest within the UK. This was revealed by a police officer who attended the briefing (and is also involved in the top secret preparations), who went on to inform a traffic warden who he knew. The traffic warden then turned informer and revealed the plan. Here is what that traffic warden had to say -  
  •  '..Later on, Andy and his traffic warden colleagues, met up with a friend of his who was in the police service. Not long after the usual social interactions had taken place Andy's police officer friend told Andy he wanted to speak privately. The policeman warned Andy that he should tell no-one what he was about to learn. The police officer revealed that for nearly a year' he had been on 'special assignment' involved in a secret police operation. This involved leaders of various police forces, local Councillors, national politicians, etc. He went on that he wasn't the only officer involved in these duties and that other police officers were doing the same thing at a national level.
    Again the policeman had his friend give further confirmation that he would remain silent about all this before he went into the reasons this was all taking place.... The UK government is involved in this undertaking because they know a world war is coming, and soon! This war will be accompanied by "financial collapse (banks refusing to give out money, which will be valueless even if they did), riots, and call up's". The policeman further revealed to his friend Andy that he knew traffic wardens had been given special card's, and if Andy hadn't received his card's yet he would soon.... One such card traffic wardens had been given had 'PACE' (Police Arrest Caution) permission, and another authorizing the entry of premises. The policeman went on "I know you have been given these cards Andy, and its because when this war breaks out, and it will, the police will be called up along with the army leaving a dangerous policing gap. That gap will have to be filled by traffic wardens, private security guards, etc"  Andy replied "Your having me on, a joke..." The policeman replied "I wish I were, just wait and see...". 
    I would add if any traffic warden can confirm (or has the moral decency to confirm) the above, get in touch.....
  • The United States government is wasting nearly half a billion dollars on Israeli nuclear Bunkers! In 2012 it was revealed that the US agreed to help build nuclear Bunkers in Israel. Feb 13 2013, saw  the building contract given to Conti Corp Federal Services in Edison, NJ. The contractor will be burying the underground complex down 5 subsurface levels, and up to 6 surface buildings will form part of the mammoth project. As of Feb 13 2013 they have 3 and a half years to complete the installation. Besides this, a second facility is also being constructed by the United States inside Israel. It invited bids for (to be in for Dec 28 2012) to start work on Site 81 Phase II. This contract will be worth $100,000,000 to modify up to 6 subsurface installations (which also lead up to above ground buildings). A Washington Post reporter (Walter Pincus) analysed the first proposed build, (called site 911) last Nov 2012!  

    The entire complex will measure 127,000 Sq Ft. The first half of the floors will include briefing rooms, projector arena and a lab! They will be protected by 'blast pressure wave' resistant doors. Radiation will not be able to permeate, and it will also most likely have EMP (electromagnetic pulse) shielding as standard. The Israeli Defense Force will also patrol the grounds 24 hours a day! The Washington Post reporter said that the site had "strategic construction challenges". He went on..."the site requires advanced communications, electrical wiring that won' be burned out by nuclear explosions, gyroscopic mechanical technology, HVAC (Meaning, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and problems on how to install pipes that will survive massive ground movements due to nuclear detonations causing Earthquakes". The reporter concluded with "any successful bidder has to pass US/Israeli security background checks!" The reporter thinks that this second construction project MAY BE some kind of command hub!  


  • Former United States Sec. of State (Henry Kissinger) revealed what the future holds... His words reveal it all "Countries in the Middle East developing nuclear weapons technology (following the example of a nuclear armed Iran) means a nuclear war is highly probable. Such a war would change the World beyond recognition". He went on "The UN Sec. Council has determined that Iran possessing nuclear weapons cannot be allowed to happen, but still we can't seem to stop it". “It won't be very many years away nations will have to be resolute in their actions, or face the consequences of doing nothing. It will not be to long before the World reaches this crossroads". He concluded "The ultimate outcome of Iran's nuclear programme is that other Nations in the Middle East will also start nuclear programme's, or buy nuclear weapons off of Iran. If all the third World (often unstable) Nations had atomic weapons then nuclear weapons would be standard fare...conventional! A nuclear war would be inevitable!"  This was reported on the 24th January 2013 by BBC online News! 


Add to the above list the understanding that Israel is itching to attack Iran, North Korea is testing nuclear bombs (while ripping up the armistice agreement), Japan and China are involved in a regional arms race and the Kashmir regional dispute could cause 2 nuclear powers (Pakistan and India) to go to war..... then you can easily understand that the chances of a nuclear conflict arising in the near future is more likely than most people would care to believe!

Not to mention the fact that America and it's European allies are invading any Nation that stands up to their Corporate oligarchy, threatens their oil supply or challenges the dominance of the dollar as the World's reserve currency! This just adds to the instability of the Worlds Nations. North Korea was named as part of the 'axis of evil', then one of those named axis Nations was invaded (Iraq) and another one (Iran) is facing imminent attack from Israel. Is it any wonder North Korea said it would launch a preemptive nuclear strike on America? It obviously feels its only a matter of time before its next!  All these factors point to the potential for a global nuclear conflict being very close!

UK Target Areas

To  the right you will see a target list within the UK. This is a conservative list, which means the actual targets hit during a live exchange will be much more extensive than portrayed here.

We have provided this information as a way for you to gauge whether or not you live near a potential target zone.

Remember, even if your not near an obvious 'Blast Zone', you will still require a Nuclear Bunker as they protect from lethal radiation fallout which ALL the British Isles will be subjected to!!!

This is what Fallout Shelters are primarily designed for!



Range of a 1 Megaton bomb

The following descriptors show the damage to expect from a 1 MT detonation (these examples are true for an explosion taking place in the air, maximizing effective range of device) - 

1 - 2 miles = Complete Devastation

up to 3 miles = Irreversible Destruction

up to 6.5 miles = Inferno Region

up to 7 miles = Serious Destruction

9 - 20 miles = Melting of Epidermis 

It is worth noting at this stage that the average explosive yield of a Nuclear bomb now is about 5 - 15 Megatons, with Russia's biggest Nuclear bomb (called the Tsar Bomba) being an astounding 100 Megatons.


This link to the United States official inventory of (retired) Nuclear bombs will give you an idea of average yields -



Standard Comparative Units

Here is a brief explanation of comparative data   on different explosive yields -

Simple mathematics dictates that: 

Mega = Million, kilo = thousand.                     Therefore, 1 megaton is 1000 kilotons.

The bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2 were about 15 & 21 Kilotons respectively - So a 1 Megaton explosion would equal about 67 Hiroshima sized bombs, and 48 Nagasaki sized bombs!


Reason's to choose Bunker Shield!

1 - Our Bunker's will protect you from: the initial blast pressure wave which will cause complete devastation in the initial 2 mile radius (thanks to blast over pressure), winds which would be 1,000 mph up to two miles out, and would be at hurricane levels, over 200 mph, 7 - 9 miles out, and the ensuing thermal fire storm!


2 - When the nuclear conflict happens, the water pipe network will be severed and contaminated. Your Bunker will contain it's own fresh water supply (subject to successful water boring tests). This means that long after you emerge from your Bunker, it can still be used indefinitely as a source of fresh uncontaminated water when 60% - 80% of the Country will have none! 


3 - We will ensure you have enough Freeze dried food (which stays fresh for up to 35+ years) to last you for as long as you need. We recommend that you store enough food to provide for all of your family for at least 1 year! 

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