Pictures of Government Nuclear Bunkers and Specialized Construction Equipment!

Please find below pictures of DUMB's. This stands for 'deep underground military base'! They are all basically nuclear shelters but are designed for more than just functioning as a shelter nuclear, biological, chemical or otherwise! They are massive living cities built deep underground and are connected to each other via an impressive underground rail network! The nuclear protection they offer to the government (and their elite) is NOT extended to us in the public!

 1 - Nuclear Subterrene


 2 - Impressive Underground entrance


 3 - Dulce, New Mexico


 4 - Drill Head


 5 - Underground Military Access


6 - Underground Military Facility 


 7 - Underground Construction


 8 - Underground Military Personnel


 9 - Underground Boring in rail tunnel


 10 - Cheyenne mountain (Space Command Nuclear bunker)


 11 - Underground Boring

 12 - Underground Entrance

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