Essential list of Survival Resources (and their procurement)!

Please find below a list of websites where you will be able to source certain essential provisions that you should acquire once Bunker Shield has commissioned your newly built Bunker. Simply 'Copy and Paste' the supplied links into your browser box or any search engine (the links are not active, but all the websites are live) :-




Freeze Dried food in the UK and Europe - - Mountain House Official European Distributors. - British Distributor of Mountain House!                                                                                                  - Also acts as a Wholesale to retailers (manufacturing for retailers specific brand).                 - Expedition Food Company founded in Yorkshire in 1995.                                             - British Freeze Dried Food Supplier aimed at Mountaineering,  Trekking and Backpacking Markets. High Energy Foods, Electrolyte Drinks, and Electrolyte Tablets. - Excellent British Company. 'Look what we found' ready meals and soups can be delivered direct to your door, but the difference is that they don’t need to be eaten there and then. Because of the way they cook and pack them, their ready meals and soups will stay as fresh as they day they made them for up to a year, without refrigeration.



Freeze Dried Food in America - - American Company, best tasting with widest variety and shelf life of 7 years for pouches, and 25 years for cans! (Canada please contact their distributor - World Famous Sales...Tel (905) 738-4777, Fax (905) 738-5052).                                                                                            - Oregon Freeze Dry Company has produced over 4 different food and beverages. They offer - Confidentially (act as a toll processor), ingredient supplier, or developer-manufacturer of finished products. They also facilitate technology transfer to customers who may wish to take over manufacturing of newly developed products (in other words acts as a Wholesaler to Retailers and provides technology to those wishing to manufacture).



Practical Survival Items - - American Website, offering different types of survival Foods and Related Items.


Radiation Sickness Medicine -,7340,L-3748014,00.html - Cure for Radiation sickness found




What you should stock in your Bunker :-

This is a basic checklist of what you should consider stocking up on in your Bunker :- 


You should prioritize clean water. Make sure you have purification kits for the water. Bunker Shield can actually build a well into your Bunker, and we usually offer this as standard (this is dependent on the water table of your land and suitable water boring tests proving fruitful). In any even, the water you store will have to be enough to last at least 6 months to a year.  If you want a guide as to how much to use then 5 - 6 pints a day should cover drinking and washing needs (that is 5 - 6 pints for each person).


We at Bunker Shield always recommend that you store enough food to last a year. No exceptions!  You need powdered milk for any babies (as well as baby food), tinned food, dried fruit and vegetables and other non-perishables. Obviously we have provided extensive resources above where you can purchase freeze dried goods from specialist suppliers and the food you will obtain there will have a minimum shelf life of 35 years +. We strongly recommend that you utilize the resources on this page and put by at least £10,000 to stock up your Bunker with essential survival resources. We work out the Sq Ft space of your Bunker based on the number of people requiring its protection, however we always include extra Sq Ft space for the storing of such supplies. We usually have a storage room to serve for this purpose! You don't really need to worry about 'eating healthy' during a time of crisis, staying alive is all the concern you should have. 

Ladies who are pregnant, and  very young babies and children require extra food (especially for those ages between birth and 6)! On average they will require 50% more than everyone else. If possible you should make sure they also have a pint of milk per day (even if it is only powdered milk). If you have a baby that is beyond the stage of breast milk and is on to semi-solids, then the following foods (and the amounts you require for the total stay in your Bunker) are required: For a stay of a month then :- 14 KG of Creamed Evaporated Milk with 1 KG of Sugar,  and/or 5 KG of Creamed Powdered Milk and 1 KG of Sugar. For a stay of a year then :- 168 KG of Creamed Evaporated Milk with 12 KG of Sugar,  and/or 60 KG of Creamed Powdered Milk and 12 KG of Sugar. If the baby reaches the age of 5 - 6 months then you can start to feed him/her 'mushed up' adult food if required!


An easily transportable (yet powerful) radio. Ensure you have LOTS of batteries, and it would be a good idea to have a spare radio in storage just in case (NB - A wind up clockwork radio is more likely to survive the effects of EMP [Electro Magnetic Pulse] which will destroy all electronic equipment circuitry, rendering them useless)! You might not think it but having a radio is of paramount importance. This will be your only communication with the outside World. With this receiver you can tap into the emergency broadcast network which will tell you the level of Fallout Radiation in your area. From this information you can work out yourself when it is safe to leave your Bunker. In the case of bunker's Type 3 and 4it may be necessary to have an antenna (retractable) installed externally.

Other Essentials

 - Can/bottle opener, kitchen utensils, plates & pots/pans.

 - Thick padded outer wear, walking boots and plenty of replacement apparel

 - Duvets, sheets, camping equipment (especially such as you would use to sleep outdoors), like tents and sleeping bags

 - Electric torch, matches, candles, lanterns, etc. Only use a naked flame in the Bunker Type 3 and  only AFTER the doors have been opened 

 - Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet roll, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc)  and a portable camping sink

 - Have at least 3 first aid boxes standing by (including PLENTY of powerful painkillers, such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Co-codamol).

 - If you need to take any medication regularly, stock up WELL IN ADVANCE!

 - Sketchpad, writing implements and spare paper.

 - Household products. Like: Scourers, dishcloths, disposable handkerchiefs, kitchen roll, small shovel, box of kitchen litter/sand.  

 - Large Yard shovel

 - Portable camping toilet, pales (lined with polythene and are sealable), black bags (for disposing of contents), thin and thick bleach, etc

 - Reliable wall clock, watch and calendar (NB - If your Bunker doesn't have EMP shielding, make sure you take out the batteries before detonation).

Storage requirements for inside Bunker access opening (store outside opening if you have a suitable awning to protect from fallout, if not store inside Bunker entranceway). 

 - Wheelie bin (to store body waste).

 - Second wheelie bin (to store food waste, packaging and broken items). It is best if you write on wheelie bins to distinguish the contents.

 - Thick black bags of garments and 2 concrete containers (1 for contaminated garments, and 1 for uncontaminated garments). 

 - Your Bunker will likely come with a well, however store water in sealable containers anyway. Have items for the children to play and read. 

 - Liquid/solid fuel burners may be used outside Bunker access opening. Do not attempt to use this outside when fallout radiation is still at dangerous levels. It should be said though that you should be careful cooking outside (even if the radiation has dissipated to tolerable levels) as other people who never had the vision or the foresight to purchase a Bunker from Bunker Shield WILL be hungry and will most likely try to kill you for your food! Never use cooker with flammable fuel inside your shelter. 

As a reminder, here is a summary of what should be in your Bunker -

  • Thick building materials to reduce radiation penetration to safe levels 
  • An adequate ventilation system (with filters) to stop you internalizing any radiation 
  • Have a water well built inside your Bunker, and stock freeze dried food to last a year
  • Geiger counters and Dosimeters 
  • Have enough fuel for power (both electric and combustible) small batteries, car batteries (essential), coal, firelighters, charcoal, wood, etc
  • Communication devices (Mobile phone, wind-up radio, computer with dongle [USB wireless stick] broadband connection, etc)
  • Human waste box 
  • The provision of a room where contaminated fallout dust can be removed (preferably with water)
  • Self defense (Shotguns [if licensed], electric Cattle Prods, Pellet Rifles [gas propellant for maximum effect], CS Gas, Baton, nail guns, etc)
  • Where possible include right angled turns in ventilation pipes and access opening 


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